Ultimate Manitoba checklist

I thought it would be good to create a checklist of things that we plan to do here in Winnipeg and in Manitoba as a whole. Please let me know if you have any recommendations! Spring/Summer Hike in Whiteshell Provincial Park Swim in Lake Winnipeg Visit the Narcisse Snake Den in the spring Go to... Continue Reading →

New to the “Peg”

  A new city, a new perspective, a new part of the blog. After quite a few months of going through some difficult times, I am back! And not only that, I have a whole new city to write about. I plan to write about our experiences moving to Winnipeg. Winni-what? Winnipeg is a city... Continue Reading →


I don't know what it was that initially fascinated me about Georgia. The country is full of history, a rich culture, and the most incredible people. Click the image to read more...

Seattle, USA

There's one city in the USA that feels like home to me and that would be Seattle, Washington. Although it is known as being rainy and grey, Seattle is anything but dull. Click the image to read more...

Bavaria, Germany

When I lived in Germany, Bavaria always seemed so far away and like a completely different country. The architecture, dialect, cuisine, and topography were all so drastically different than what I was used to in the north. Click the image to read more...

Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan

“You can watch your dog run away for days,” is what my friends from BC would always joke when they talked about Saskatchewan. Visiting Grasslands National Park and truly experiencing the "Land of the Living Skies" is a more intense experience than I had envisioned. Click the image to read more...

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

My girlfriend and I were wanting to get away for a week at the end of February and literally go south for the winter. After putting our heads together to come up with the perfect destination, we decided on Puerto Vallarta. Click the image to read more...

The French Basque Country

Last fall, my girlfriend and I were planning our next big adventure. One of the places we both wanted to explore was the Basque Country. After spending quite a bit of time in Spain, we decided to hop the border and explore what the French side had to offer... and were we ever blown away! Click to read the full post.


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