Who are we? We are Mari and Em, a late twenty-something lesbian couple with a constant urge to travel.

Mari’s first big trip was when she was 15. She and her dad travelled to Italy, Greece, England, and Turkey and by the end of the trip, she was hooked and has been travelling ever since and has so far travelled to over 40 countries.

Em is more of a wilderness-inspired traveller who loves to hike, paddle, camp, and everything in between. She loves exploring the natural side of things regardless of where she goes and parts of Australia, Tasmania, and Fiji are among her favourite places.

We would love to travel full-time, but since we are just your average working couple – we do our best to make the most out of every weekend, stat/bank holiday, and vacation time that we are allotted. Mari is always planning the next adventure and in the meantime we try to make the most of where we are in each moment.

Recently we have just moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba and are looking to explore this new city and province and share our experiences. If you have any recommendations about where we should go or what we should do, let me know!

wordsofwilderness is about the “over 1000 words” that each photo is claimed to be worth. Mari loves capturing what we see and sharing it with the world and enjoying hearing/reading the thoughts and feelings that others get from viewing them! This blog will offer insight into the adventures behind these photographs.

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