The chick behind the camera… Well that’d be me – Marina.

Who am I? A late twenty-something girl with a constant urge to travel. My first big trip was when I was 15. My dad and I travelled to Italy, Greece, England, and Turkey and by the end of the trip, I was hooked and have been travelling ever since. So far I’ve travelled to over 30 countries and hope that my girlfriend and I can keep building up that number together. In the mean time I have completed two master degrees and am currently working full time. In my downtime my partner and I are always planning our next adventure and enjoying travelling and experiencing the places where we live.

wordsofwilderness is about the “over 1000 words” that each photo is claimed to be worth. I love capturing what I see and sharing it with the world and enjoying hearing/reading the thoughts and feelings that others get from viewing them! This blog will offer insight into the adventures behind these photographs.

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Feel free to comment and any business inquiries can be sent to: wordsofwilderness@gmail.com


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